Friday, April 20, 2007

Treasure Raiders plot

By day, Michael (Steven Brand) is an American professor who teaches history at Moscow University. Between sundown and the first light of day, however, he secretly races his Porsche through the dimly lit streets of Moscow, going up against the best competitive street racers in the world. But Michael’s reasons for street racing are not limited to his need for speed and danger: This risky pursuit helps to fund another of his passions, hunting for ancient treasures.

One day, Michael stumbles upon information leading him to what will become his most dangerous quest yet, a search for an ancient treasure that once belonged to the legendary Order of the Temple. Teaming up with his racing nemesis Wolf (Alexander Nevsky) and a famous historian Pierre (David Carradine), the group sets off on a life or death mission to uncover the treasure. Their quest is complicated by the Moscow Chief of Police, who is determined to arrest Wolf for illegal street racing, and the kidnapping of Wolf’s girlfriend Lena (Sherilyn Fenn).

Ultimately, Pierre and Michael are left to search for the treasure while Wolf attempts to rescue Lena by winning the most dangerous race to ever take place in Moscow. Only if Wolf wins this race will he be able to discover the dark secret of the Order of the Temple. The deadly twists and turns in the streets of Moscow place the trio in the ultimate race for their lives.

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