Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Blogspotting...across the universe! Always goin' forward because we can't find reverse!

Here are a few weblogs that kindly linked to us. Thanks, guys! :-)

  • Uber weblog Celebrity Daily notes that Ten Inch Hero will be premiering at the NBFF.
  • Precocious Curmudgeon has a good post on the manga behind both Death Notes, which will of course be premiering at the NBFF. How precocious of Precocious Curmudgeon!
  • My Entertainment News hooks it up with news about Beautiful Ohio as well as a call for volunteers for the NBFF.
  • Finally, SMN News is happy to see the documentary The ArtFusion Experiment premiere at the NBFF!

A'ight, hope that gets peeps excited.

Ta ta for now.

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Gerry Grant said...

Introduction video of the Eighth Newport Beach Film Festival launched with a splendiferous display of elegance and filmmaking glitz. The festival’s opening night had Chad Lowe talking about his new film as director “Beautiful Ohio.” John Wayne Birthday Celebration was Saturday night and we have interviews with Patrick Wayne, Ethan Wayne, Pilar Wayne, John Wayne’s grandchildren and even one of his producers A. C Lyles from Paramount Pictures. A very special phone interview on Friday Morning wit Maureen O’Hara will be on the site soon.

View the Newport beach Film Festival News