Wednesday, April 18, 2007

On the eve of

We're on the eve of the commencement of the Newport Beach Film Festival! How crazy is that? The NBFF kicks off tomorrow, and man, we can't wait to see how it's gonna go this year! Hopefully as well as the last few years, especially when Crash premiered here (and of course went on to win the Oscar). Who knows which films are in line waiting for the mighty Oscar to smile upon them this year? It'll be an exciting time. Hope to see you guys there tomorrow on the red carpet!

By the way, try not to trip and fall. Especially because there will hundreds of cameras ready to capture your most emabarrassing moment and more people to laugh and point at you when you do. Not to mention the ladies will be wearing high heels and the carpet is made of slippery material and thus you're far more likely to trip and fall there than anywhere else.

No pressure.

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Anonymous said...

You don't advertise enough. Specially in the South Coast Metro area.